Love Wins!

I realize I’m almost a month late on writing a post to celebrate the Supreme Court ruling that recognizes gay marriage in all 50 states of this great country. As a marriage and family therapist it is with deep pride that I celebrate the loving, committed relationships of all of our citizens. It has long plagued me that the very title of my profession – marriage and family therapist – implied discrimination.

When our relationships are strong and healthy, we also tend to be strong and healthy as individuals and communities. With all due respect to Simon & Garfunkel, we are not rocks or islands. Rather, we are intensely social creatures whose brains and hearts work better in the context of intimate connection with others. There is no denying the intense power of relationships to color our lives for better and worse. And depending on the day or year, they *will* do so for better *and* for worse – thus the need not only for love, but also commitments.

When a relationship hums in affection and connection, it does not just create a happy or strong marriage or family. It creates a place from which individuals are able to go out into the world and claim their place in it. It creates parents who raise children both compassionate and confident. It quite literally makes the world a better place. It is from this knowledge that I find my life’s calling in helping others heal relationships. It is from this magical place where 1+1 = more than 2, that I am so happy for the many, many loving relationships in our nation that now have the freedom to make full commitments to each other in the eyes of the law and the land.

I raise my cup in congratulations for the loving commitments of marriage made by all couples, and the striving to keep to those commitments and remain connected through sorrow and joy. When love wins, we all win.


Amanda Carver, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Atlanta, GA. She specializes in providing Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) in helping couples create and enjoy lasting love and affection in their relationships as well as helping women create deeply meaningful lives. All written content owned by Amanda Carver.